Together As One. For Everyone,

The Mission

Christ the King Community Church is a nondenominational Christian church where you can find forgiveness for the past and hope for the future. A welcoming community of believers, our church offers contemporary worship, sermons you can understand, and numerous opportunities to belong and serve in your community. At CTK, you will find real people in real relationships that really do reach out with love and acceptance. We value very highly authenticity and acceptance. We’ve got a casual atmosphere and a growing group of loving people who find ways to support each other while “doing life” together. We make sure that our teaching is relevant and applicable to living our lives out each day. We especially welcome people who have given up on church in the past but are interested in giving a relationship with God another try. Looking forward to seeing you.

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- Worship - 
We are devoted to worshiping God as a lifestyle.
Celebrate with us!
-Community - 
We are determined to care for each other
and our community.
- Outreach - 
We are dedicated to reaching people
who do not know Christ.
- Discipleship -
 We are determined to mature in relationship with
God & others.  


- Simplicity - 
Keeping the main thing the main thing.
Being deliberate in simplicity is an intention and takes purpose.
- Authenticity - 
Real people having a real relationship with God and with each other.
 - Gathering - 
We value regularly gathering together and fellowship.
- Empowerment - 
Saying yes to what God wants to do in your life.
We try to keep it positive.
-Abundance - 
Steering clear of a "scarcity" mentality and leaning into generosity.
-Truth -
Unapologetically committed to the truth of Scripture and Bible-Based teaching.  
- Grace -
We are committed to treating every person like Christ has treated us -
much better than we deserve. Amen.