CTK Staff



My name is Chip and I’ve been the Pastor at CTK for about three years. I moved here with my wife, Jenn and son, Oscar and daughter, Piper six years ago from Durango, Colorado. Most days you can find me tucked away in a corner at the coffee shop or wrenching on bikes downtown. I have spent the last 25 years in full-time ministry as a pastor and youth pastor. I have a deep love for the Church--the body of Christ. I have also experienced deep hurt and heartbreak in church culture which has produced a passion for transparency and straightforward teaching. If I wasn’t the pastor here, this would definitely be the church family I would be part of.

Faith King


I am currently enrolled in Grand Canyon University. I will be earning a double major in Elementary Education and Special Education. My time is filled with my family, friends, tennis, and wakesurfing. I strive to be known for the strong love I have for Jesus. I want to carry Jesus’s love throughout my life and especially into my future classroom. My favorite piece of advice is to always imagine Jesus sitting right next to you. It can save you from making some bad decisions and it can push you to make some of the kindest decisions ever.

Jeff St. Mary

Worship Pastor

Hello, my name is Jeff St. Mary.  I am many things.  I am the husband of my wife Carolyn and the father of our three children - Emma, Gabe, and Allie.  I have been in full time ministry for the past six years as a youth leader and a worship leader. Prior to that, I was a 5th grade teacher for several years. I am the direct product of my two parents, one of which taught me a love of sports and competition and another who taught me a love for music. I am many other things too - brother, uncle, friend, etc. - but most importantly, I am a beloved creation of a God that desires a deep, full relationship with me.  I am constantly blown away with how God continues to use all the things that are me to His glory when I allow Him to.


Jenn Johnson

Coffee ministry

Jenn Johnson loves teenagers, which is good, since she is surrounded by them at work and at home. She also loves books, and art, and theater, and music, and beautiful things. Even though Jenn is in charge of the coffee team, she avoids caffeine, and therefore does not partake in church coffee. She does, however, deeply appreciate a well made decaf espresso. Jenn is also married to Chip.